Ocean this Fall – Where to Go

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There are some really great places to see the ocean in this country and if your days are full of necessary but non-oceanic tasks like researching direct tv business or calling the doctor you deserve a vacation! Here are a few of our choices for seeing the ocean this fall:

Virginia Beach, VA: It’s still plenty warm to swim in VA Beach and there’s a lot to do here outside of taking a dip. Hire a fishing charter or even a parasailing trip and enjoy the ocean in a classic, American way.

Maui, HI: Sure it’s not exactly the continental US but it is part of America and you can get a really unique experience here this time of year. Whales are migrating up the coast of Maui and if you hit the beach you’ll see them without a doubt.

Augusta, Maine: Some of the most beautiful and rugged coastline in the country is in Maine and this time of year makes the whole place really atmospheric. If you love the outdoors but don’t necessarily need to swim, Maine is a great bet.



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