Bizarre Creatures From The Deepest Depths Of The Ocean

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Everyone has probably heard or read about the giant squid which was recently caught off the south Florida coast. The squid measured 23 feet from head to tentacle tip. Big, yes, but giant? In February 2007, a New Zealand fishing crew caught a colossal squid off the Ross Shelf of Antarctica; the squid measured 33 feet in length when caught. From evidence found inside sperm whale stomachs, scientists believe that deep ocean squid may reach a length of 43 feet and a weight of over 2000 pounds!
Sightings of giant squid probably inspired early stories of sea “monsters” by frightened sailors. The deep ocean is the last unexplored frontier on earth. There, in pitch dark and icy cold water, a strange world of fantastical creatures exists, inaccessible as yet to man’s cameras and observations. The megamouth shark is estimated to reach weights of close to 3000 pounds. The “dinosaur” fish or coelacanth was believed to have been extinct for over 65 million years until a specimen was caught in a fisherman’s net in 1938 off the coast of South Africa. What other bizarre creatures might be found in the depths of the ocean?The information party rocks on: Giant swarming schools of squid cause zombie apocalypse



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