Ocean Journeys: Travels Of The Famous Oceanic Explorers

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The ocean has been, and in many ways continues to be, a mysterious place. At one time, explorers of the ocean did not know if the water just kept on flowing. Brave people like Christopher Columbus, Vasco de Gama and Ferdinand Magellan through their explorations revealed some of the ocean’s mystery. One of the greatest ocean explorers was Captain James Cook.

James Cook was a British officer who first gained recognition for his exploration of Newfoundland in Canada. After this, Captain Cook took three separate journeys of discovery in the southern part of the Pacific (more…)


On The Menu: Unusual Foods From The Sea

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There are many unusual and interesting foods to enjoy that come from the sea. Octopus is a delicacy in Japan and other coastal countries. Octopus is generally extremely rubbery and chewy. When octopus is prepared correctly it can be tender and delicious. Squid is another unusual food that is also delicious. Squid that is fried and served on a platter is called Calamari. Calamari is a delicious dish served in most Italian restaurants.

Even shark is consumed in some countries as a delicacy. In China, shark fin soup (more…)


Real Life Stories Of Five Famous Pirates

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Looking at the stars and planets as a child is fun. However, the child has to use a telescope that is the right size. If it is too big, then they won’t be able to hold it the right way in order to see anything. If you are looking for a telescope for your child, you can look online for the right measurements that the child would need. You need to get a telescope based on (more…)


Sailing Away: Five Safety Tips For Beginning Sailors

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If you are new when it comes to sailing, you have come to the perfect place. I have created below the top five safety tips that you should follow if you are a beginning sailor.

1. The first thing that you should before you sail is to check the weather. You should check with your local weather center in order for you to determine whether the weather will be perfect for sailing or not.

2. You need to check that all the equipment and materials that you will need are already prepared. You have to make sure that the (more…)


Why Is The Sea Different Colors In Different Places?

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For many centuries, people have wondered why the sea has different colors. With the help of scientific research, answers to this mystery have been found.

In most cases, reflected sunlight determines the color of the sea. Tropical islands have turquoise seas because the water absorbs blue and reflects the red in the sunlight. If you go diving, you will notice that the water become bluer the deeper you go. This is because only the blue light waves (more…)


Ten Great Poems About The Sea

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It can be fairly difficult to find poetry that reflects oceanic themes and points of view. However, there are ten great poems about the sea that many people can read and enjoy. These poems deal with such themes as pirates, fishing, mythological sirens and ocean adventures. Such poems appeal a great deal to people who enjoy the sea; for they can make even a very long boat ride more enjoyable because they can even be sung as sea chanties. Even a lone fisher can find themselves having a great deal of fun (more…)


Ocean this Fall – Where to Go

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There are some really great places to see the ocean in this country and if your days are full of necessary but non-oceanic tasks like researching direct tv business or calling the doctor you deserve a vacation! Here are a few of our choices for seeing the ocean this fall:

Virginia Beach, VA: It’s still plenty warm to swim in VA Beach and there’s a lot to do here outside of taking (more…)


Bizarre Creatures From The Deepest Depths Of The Ocean

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Everyone has probably heard or read about the giant squid which was recently caught off the south Florida coast. The squid measured 23 feet from head to tentacle tip. Big, yes, but giant? In February 2007, a New Zealand fishing crew caught a colossal squid off the Ross Shelf of Antarctica; the squid measured 33 feet in length when caught. From evidence found inside sperm whale stomachs, scientists believe that deep ocean (more…)


The Hungry Sea: The Ocean’s Largest Carnivores

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When one thinks of carnivorous ocean creatures, the Great White shark immediately comes to most people’s minds. For pure ferocity and the continual, but unintended, predation on man, makes the Great White one of the most feared carnivores on earth. The Great White is a mammal eating shark with seals and sealions being its favorite fare.

The Tiger shark is another ocean carnivore that quite often mistakes humans for its marine cuisine and although its attacks are also a mistake on their part, the end result is often tragic.The full explanation can be found at http://blog.kleincollection.com/2011/07/04/diving-with-great-white-sharks/ Tiger sharks tend to come into shallow water to (more…)


Five Must-See Destinations For Scuba Divers

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The Mexican island of Cozumel offers some of the best diving on earth. The reef is huge and on the brink of a wall that plunges to the abyss with caves, swim-throughs, coral spires and a plethora of marine life.

East of the Great Barrier Reef, in the Coral Sea, lies Osprey Reef where visibility can reach 200 feet, there are lots and lots of sharks and large coral heads that overlook walls that drop straight down to 4000 feet. This may (more…)


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